“More eyes on more VDPs equals more cars sold. Just having the exposure over that many different sites that syndication gives us is incremental, especially when we consider how little it costs.”

Lindsey Shaker, Digital Marketing Manager – Shaker Kia

“Syndication is helping drive shoppers to my website, not just visitors. A visitor may be looking at the homepage or about us or maybe service or parts or whatever. But a shopper is looking at a specific VDP page.”

Doug Wilson, President & CEO – Wilson Auto Group

"“I decided to go all in with syndication from day one. I didn’t say, ‘Hey, here’s 1,000 bucks.’ I said, ‘How much do I have to spend in my market to dominate?’ They gave me a figure, and I said, ‘Okay, let’s do it’.”

Rory Klein, Vice President – Klein Honda

"Vehicle syndication has taken us to the next level in pre-owned sales over the last year when pay-per-click and display ads were not moving the needle. The sales increase is astounding without increasing our digital ad spend.”

George Grubbs III, Partner - Grubbs Euless Pre-Owned

“It’s driven up our Google Analytics and our unique visits and so forth. That’s why we started adding syndication to several of our other stores as well.”

Jamie Tilley, E-Commerce Director – Modern Automotive

“Vehicle syndication on car sites is like a magnet for our vehicle sales. Advertising cars, to car buyers, on car sites, just makes sense. We like that 100% of the visits are car shoppers to our vehicle pages.”

Gene Lopez, General Manager – Classic Cars Nissan

“I think dealerships should understand. By using Syndication, they can have an instant competitive advantage.”

Ray Tomeh, Digital Sales & Marketing Director - Lexus of Concord

“Syndication is exposing us to an entirely different viewing pattern and demographic than what we had without them, from where it pushes our inventory, and it’s a much, much quicker travel rate.”

Rich Newsome, General Manager Germain Toyota

“I promise you, in competition with big groups of stores, that I can compete with them without having the extra management and staff and paying them $10,000-15,000 per month. I can do it with $3,000 to $4,000 of syndication. It’s half as much budget and twice as effective. It’s a great proposition.”

Kim Clouse, General Sales Manager - Carl Cannon Chevrolet